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Weblogic Server License : Installing and Updating License Weblogic Server

Weblogic Server License

Apply, Installing and Updating Weblogic Server License

Weblogic license is not required  for 10.3.0 or for above versions.  License is only required for Weblogic 10.0.x or for lower versions.

WLS 10.3 and higher do not need a license file However, they are still licensed products and customer are still bound by the agreement they have made with Oracle for their use. 

All features of these versions are available without this file, including an unlimited number of users and an unlimited number of CPUs. Nevertheless, the use of WebLogic 10.3 and higher still requires a license: please see your Oracle sales representative for details.

Even for WLS 10.0.x and lower versions, Oracle no longer requires your IP address(es) in order to provide a license key. 

Oracle is now providing new generic license files that simplify the licensing process. Your new license keys will enable you to fully use all of the features of your WLS purchase.

You can request Oracle to provide auditing script which you can run on your environment to get a report to make sure that you are not using any of the restricted features which would require an upgrade.

Oracle Weblogic Server - Version: 7.0 to 10.0

Please see  where licenses can be downloaded for Weblogic products versions 10.x and earlier that require a license key.

By downloading and using one of these license keys you are certifying that you either 
(i) Have a signed agreement for production use of BEA software entered into by you and BEA/Oracle
(ii) That you have licensed additional licenses for BEA software from Oracle.

While keys may remove technical restrictions, such as to the number of production CPUs, Users, etc. that may be executed on simultaneously, it does not authorize you to deploy BEA software for production use on the number of CPUs, Users, etc. greater than what you licensed for such use. All license terms and restrictions specified in your Agreement and ordering documents / order forms remain in full force and effect.

To apply new license file - 
  1. Download the appropriate file for your WebLogic version and your licensed configuration.
  2. Rename the downloaded file to license.bea and put it under the BEA_HOME directory.
  3. Restart and test whether the server starts up correctly.
If the server starts up successfully, the license has been applied correctly.

Note : - 

License files arre not required to update if you are upgrading service pack like WLS8.1SP2 to WLS8.1SP6, or WLS10.0 to WLS10.0MP1  etc, Only When upgrading from one major version to another (for example, WLS8.1 to WLS9.2 or WLS9.2 to WLS10.0), you will need an updated license file.

Weblogic Server Enterprise Edition and Premium Edition both are one and the same.License file for Weblogic Premium/Enterprise installation can be downloaded from below link

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