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Node Manager : Configurations and Important considerations

Node Manager : Configurations and Important considerations

 Important Note :

I have noticed most of the time a very common mistake done by most of the engineers is, If you are changing node manager port from Weblogic console that doesn’t mean you are changing the port of node manager. Node manager run on a separate port defined in node manager home file and if you are changing port from admin console then it means you are telling to Weblogic that ok my node manager is listening on this port.

How to change node manager port ?

First time when you start the node manager it configured and start on port 5556. Later you can change the port in file under node manage home directory.
If you have installed Weblogic under /oracle/middleware and wlserver_103. Is your WL_HOME product directory under this then your node manager home is
Node Manager Home = /oracle/middleware/wlserver_10.3/common/nodemanager

Important note about file –

1) file

You will not able to see this file under nodemanager home until you will start node manager at least one time after fresh installation, or you can say created after first start of your node manager.
After first start of  node manager, go to node manager home and update the nodemanager.proerties for  ListenPort parameter.
After change node manager port in file, make sure to change the port from admin console also ( “admin console > machine > select your node manager > configuration > node manager” ), otherwise you will see node manager status as inactive from console like below 

2) status from console or in log node manager file

During first fresh installation of Weblogic, node manager is configured for secure ssl mode and when you will start the node manager first time it will start listening on secure connection, and also the node manager type is set as ssl.

 if you will see from admin console

In file you will see   -

SecureListener= true

And from admin console you will see node manager status as below  with SSLHandshakeException  error even after starting node manager

So, after fresh Weblogic installation and after starting node manager first time, make sure to change port in file as well as from admin console ( if you really want your nodemanager to run on other port apart from default 5556 ), change SecureListener = false in file and change Type as “Plain” from tha admin cosole ( like screenshot below ) , restart node manager and check status from console and now you will find it in reachable state.

How to Start and Stop Node Manager

To Start Node Manager

Go to your nodemanager bin directory

 $ cd $NM_BIN\server\bin where NM_BIN =$WL_HOME\server\bin

Where WL_HOME =  /Oracle/Middleware/wlserver_10.3

Where /Oracle/Middleware/  is your Weblogic installation directory

Note :   Make sure to replace this installation directory as well as main product directory ( wlserver_10.3   here ) according  to your environment and Weblogic version

./  ( on unix/linux)

startNodeManager.cmd ( on window )

To Stop Node Manager

There is no specific command to  stop node manager, you have to kill the process manually to stop the node manager.

On window

You can go to “services” option from  “control panel > administrative tools” and stop the node manager process by right click on it or identify the process id from task manager by enabling PID option under view tab and use window process kill utility to kill the process.

On Linux/Unix

Identify the process of node manager and kill that.

$ ps -ef|grep -i nodemanager.javahome|grep -v grep

You will get the outout like below

mcnegi  9796  9773  0 Aug25 ?        00:40:53 /weblogic/appsvr/product/wls_103/jrockit_160_05/jre/bin/java -jrockit -Xms32m -Xmx200m -Xverify:none -Xverify:none -Dweblogic.nodemanager.javaHome=/weblogic/appsvr/product/wls_103/jrockit_160_05/jre weblogic.NodeManager -v

$ kill -9 9796


you can use below single command to kill node manager

kill -9 `ps -ef | grep -i nodemanager.javahome | grep -v grep | awk {'print $2'} | head -1`

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Note:   This command will not work if you have more than one node manager running on same machine, you have to modify command further to some more strings to grep like path location.

 Node Manager  Status

You can check status of node manager either from admin console or you can grep the process for the same
1)      To check status from console, login to admin console > machine > select your machine > monitoring tab, make sure status should be “Reachable”

2)      Grep the process like below
ps -ef|grep -i nodemanager.javahome|grep -v grep

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